Sunday, April 13, 2014

Why is Holy Week noteworthy?

It is the Crown Jewel of Christianity - Holy Week.

We know that Jesus died and rose again, but is there more to it that makes it joyous? 

You bet.

It is about YOUR eternal salvation, but more.  It would all be remarkable and unique story, anyway, about Jesus overcoming suffering and death.  When one thinks about the meaning behind it, it is breathtaking.

But, yes, it is deeper and that is what these blog posts are for.

Many people think Jesus was Resurrected from the dead to forgive your sins, and this is true.  But did you know he died for more than that?

Jesus wants you to change, repent and be a changed person.  The changed person he speaks of is much more than being friendly or helping the elderly cross the street.

Jesus suffered to overcome your selfishness, greed, fear, laziness, impatience, etc. and atone for all of it to God The Father.  Why?

St. Augustine, Theologian and Church Father, put it this way,
"God became man so man could become God."
Wow!  I can't speak for you, but I sure don't think of myself as "like God."  That sounds like quite a jump from being human!
If it is put in context one could surmise many things about how to interpret that statement.  No one is saying you become a Creator, part of a Trinity, or transcendent.  Humans are created beings.
Rather, in this sense, being like God is referring to things like what was referenced before Genesis 1:31. such as man being made in God's image and having dominion.  This included replenishing the earth and subduing it.

Others think being like God refers to being like humans were before Adam's transgression in the Garden Of Eden.  In this state man was in communion with God and sinless.

Jesus is often called the "Second Adam", as he brought man back to the sinless state.

Author Commentary

The work of Jesus and his Resurrection give humans to again be in the glorious state of communion with God.  It took the actions of Holy Week to accomplish these things, including suffering.

We can now unstick ourselves from what is holding us back from becoming more, thanks to the work of Jesus.  People can even be like God.
Did you know you were meant to be like Jesus?

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