Saturday, June 8, 2013

List of articles with most Page views

As this blog, "Adding More Meaning To Daily Life For Enhancement" has passed the 30 published posts threshold, this article looks back at some that have had the most page views from Stats.

1.  Why Add Meaning To Life?;postID=6049964781952552079;onPublishedMenu=postsstats;onClosedMenu=postsstats;postNum=42;src=link

This was the first blog.  It introduced the reader to a perspective of the meaning of life and discussed why the topic is worth looking into.  Basically, many people in contemporary society go through motions of life of what needs to be done, while ideas are in the back of their minds that are not being developed.

2.  Does Spirituality Impact Emotional Intelligence?;postID=2928993563786635376;onPublishedMenu=postsstats;onClosedMenu=postsstats;postNum=4;src=link

This was a more recent blog. As emotions take over people start to become less rational in terms of thinking.  However, a spiritual base can help.  God did  not say things would be smooth for a believing Christian.  Rather he said quite the opposite.  It is good if this topic gets page views because it is a topic that does not get a lot of exposure, but yet is relevant to daily life.

3.  God's plan can not be thwarted, only Spoiled;postID=5064952185914444094;onPublishedMenu=postsstats;onClosedMenu=postsstats;postNum=7;src=link

Many people wonder if they have made too many bad decisions over the years for their life to change or to be saved.  However, this article illustrates the fact that God wants ALL of his creation to be saved and that his plan will come to be in the end.  It might not seem like it now to a lot of people, but this is what the Bible tells us.

4.  Learning about being human, over Time;postID=4429044117895653198;onPublishedMenu=postsstats;onClosedMenu=postsstats;postNum=8;src=link

God allows us to learn by experience and not just by reading words in a book.  This briefly discussed how the author's life changed after becoming aware of spirituality.  Things that seemed far fetched at 20 years old are reality at 40 years old.  Just as that is true in human lives, the views of Bible authors changed over time with experience, and what look like contradictions could be viewing the same thing at a different age.

5.  Getting meaning out of life by contemplating Suffering;postID=1909486796309684100;onPublishedMenu=postsstats;onClosedMenu=postsstats;postNum=22;src=link

It is hard, even for scholars, to answer why suffering is a necessary part of human life from a loving God. Christianity tells a person that redemption is also a part of human suffering that should be acknowledged. 

Changes To The Web Site

The name of the blogs has changed from :"Perspectives to add meaning to daily Life."  It was changed because many people bring up the topic of the meaning of life, but there are varying things a person could plan to get out of it.  It could be to answer why a person is on earth, the place in the universe, an atheist viewpoint, etc.  These posts are designed to try to enhance your life by looking at things that are deep down in humans naturally and can change your focus and attitude.  Most of us have heard a saying about how life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% your attitude, or reaction.  Attitude is important and the information in these articles can lead people to make changes in themselves.  These changes can do things like motivate a person to do something they always wanted to do (like write blogs) or help people get through difficult times.

Also, at the bottom of these blogs there is a statement that reads: "This adds meaning to life because."   The basic motif of the website is to enhance one's life, so this often reiterates how the content can apply to one's daily life.  It is not necessary, but it reinforces certain points because the ideas are usually not what you hear in the mainstream.

These blogs are relatively new, but it has been fun writing them. 

Believing that something bigger than yourself is working for you can change your outlook and your behavior.

This adds meaning to life because:  When studying spirituality and the meaning of life there is always more to learn.

P.S. The next blog looks at some frequently asked questions in spirituality and the Christian religion, along with responses.