Friday, July 19, 2013

The "Other" Meaning Of Life

That is a pretty basic title for one of these posts, isn't it?

After doing some research on blogs, forums, google searches, books, etc. about the meaning of life the following are some sample responses to the question, "What is the meaning of life?"

  1. Consciousness
  2. To just be happy
  3. Relationships/love
  4. Be true to thy self
  5. It is a journey/destination
  6. A driving force in your life
  7. Whatever you want it to be 
  8. To serve God
  9. Don't waste your time trying to find the meaning of life and just live your life
For a response to this questions in this post, one would have to include a combination of some of these, but the one that would come closest is "To serve God."

It is my opinion that the meaning of life on the physical plane is to learn the lessons God has planned in his time and progress to the point he thinks is necessary to spend eternity with him.

Of course people are born in different situations and with different abilities, so what there is to learn would be different among people. As the meaning of life lies behind what we do (and why) observation alone is not enough. 

The assertion included in this post is that only God knows what is necessary for us to learn while we are on earth.  Since God created humans he knows what is best for humans deep down.  Humans tend to look more at the surface, so we are not aware of much of what is going on "behind the scenes."

The Meaning Of Life Is _________.

This is opposed to looking at the meaning of life as it is often described.  It is usually looked at from an individual point of view and what the meaning the person wants to get our of life.  In this post the emphasis is on what God wants his creation to learn.

Sometimes humans might not even be aware they are learning something.  For example, when bad events occur humans tend to dwell on the individual effect on what happened, and not the larger picture.  For example if a person loses their job they are focused on what they have to do financially.  God, however, is focused on what is best for eternity and what you should learn before then.  From the perspective of this post something like a job loss might mean God has something better planned for you somewhere else (even if you do not understand how that could be).

Go Along With The World, Or Not?

The downside is we have free will whether to learn or not.  Since God does not want to force his ways we can choose to go along with the way of the world and not learn.  What is the way of the world?  Things like focusing your energy on wealth, status or your own ego, as opposed to self development.  There is an old saying. "To get filthy rich you first have to get filthy."

God has given you choices in this world and it is up to you which way to choose.  It is likely that going along with the way this world does things will not add as much meaning to your life.

What does life mean to you?

This adds meaning to life because: People usually describe the meaning of life as what they want out of it, as opposed to emphasizing God's plan.

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